August, 2009


Further, if the legislature is allowed to affect attorney compensation practices in this instance, what will they attempt to limit next? Homeowners have the right to representation before losing their homes to foreclosure. Attorneys have the right to... (Continue reading)

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A Bill in California Will Establish That Lawyers Cannot Be Trusted

Yet, here in California, the legislature is dangerously close to passing a bill that would establish quite clearly that lawyers… all lawyers… are individuals not to be trusted. And even more so, that attorneys in large number are the... (Continue reading)

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A Day in the Life: Four Homeowners

It was the worst of times… it was the worst of times. Okay, so go ahead… tell me your story… Homeowners #1 – The Smiths We bought our home in 2002 for $700,000. By 2005 it appraised for $1.1 million. We... (Continue reading)

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Bernanke’s Fed: The Only Decent Thing to Do Is to Deceive Us

So, the Federal Reserve said: “Okay, we’re sorry,” and released the information. What? It could happen. It didn’t, of course, but it could… maybe… someday. In real life, the Fed is preparing an appeal. ... (Continue reading)

Another Victim of the Foreclosure Crisis

Today, his mother said: "Now the bank will get what they wanted... his house."... (Continue reading)

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Cash-for-Clunker Kitchen Appliances?

What's the deal Obama? I don't need this kind of charity. If you're intent on continuing this sort of thing, I'm going to start writing articles in support. ... (Continue reading)

MY SWANS SONG: Testimony Before the United States Senate on the State of Foreclosures & Loan Modifications

I read her testimony throughout last night, until the sun started to rise outside my window. And when I finished, I sat there and I cried. It’s been a long road… and I pray that this document at... (Continue reading)

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The Kids Dont Stand a Chance – Web 2.0 is Now Open for Business

The Kids Dont Stand a Chance - Web 2.0 is Now Open for Business

Computer technology has always annoyed me. It almost never works the way it should, always costs more than it was supposed to, and the people who write the manuals are clearly not people with whom I’d want to converse. ... (Continue reading)

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Bringing Up the Rear: ABA President Edward Yingling

Bringing Up the Rear: ABA President Edward Yingling

“It is now widely understood that the current economic situation originated primarily in the largely unregulated non-bank sector. Banks watched as mortgage brokers and others made loans to consumers that a good banker just would not make and they... (Continue reading)

CUOMOS CROSSING – An Outsiders Appraisal of the New HVCC Rules

Of course, today Attorney General Cuomo has crossed over to the other side and is looking to play a very different role in the foreclosure crisis. Today, he’s going after mortgage brokers, rating agencies, loan modification firms, Fannie, Freddie…... (Continue reading)

Arizona Judge Orders Wells Fargo to Testify on Loan Modification Practices

So, now a federal bankruptcy judge in Phoenix, Judge Randolph Haines, has ordered that a top Wells Fargo executive must come and testify about the bank's loan modification policies. ... (Continue reading)

SPOTLIGHT ON: Traut Law Group

SPOTLIGHT ON: Traut Law Group

Before Traut Law Group agrees to take on a client the case is reviewed by a strategy panel. The Traut Law Group is comprised of some of the most experienced and talented Real Estate & Mortgage minds in the... (Continue reading)

Did Attorneys TURN BAD in 2009? What… Is There Something in the Water?

In 2009, not only did all of that happen… and more, but more importantly, in 2009 we all started to realize that our way of life… the one we’ve come to know over the last thirty years, would not be... (Continue reading)

Twas the Night Before Christmas-2008

Twas the Night Before Christmas-2008

August finally arrived, and each had their convention, Starring McCain's Jewish sidekick, and John Kerry, the Frenchman. And while Barack was on fire, McCain seemed to be ailin'. Until from straight out of nowhere, rode in a woman named Palin.... (Continue reading)

Pardon Me… Can We Talk?

Okay, so I just got back from vacation... and I'm feeling particularly impish. So, I thought it might be a good time to bring up a couple of things that have been swirling around in my overly active and... (Continue reading)

Attorney Files Suit Alleges California Bar Violated American With Disabilities Act

“A loan modification is the result of a renegotiation of the terms of an existing legally binding contract, which results in the revision of some of the material terms of that contract. To think that every consumer is going... (Continue reading)

Federal Reserve Recommends Consumers Contact an Attorney to Resolve Contract Disputes With Banks

I’ve got it now… so, the Federal Reserve recommends that consumers contact an attorney when involved in contract disputes with banks, but the California legislature is about to pass a law saying that lawyers can’t charge a client a fair... (Continue reading)

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First State Licensed Loan Mod Professional in the Country Goes to Work Today

First State Licensed Loan Mod Professional in the Country Goes to Work Today

When the Nevada legislature began discussing a proposed bill that threatened the very existence of the private sector loan modification firms, Mandy wasn't dissuaded for a moment. Although she had never considered a career lobbying government before, she... (Continue reading)

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Suits Filed Against Sleazy Servicers – Treasury Knew

Another servicer, Ocwen, is apparently in line to receive more than $500 million from the Treasury, but is defending a federal class-action suit for harassing homeowners, charging illegal fees, and adding unnecessary insurance premiums to borrowers' bills. The complaint... (Continue reading)

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Mandelmans Monthly Museletter – ISSUE #2.0

HERE IT IS... Issue #2 of Mandelman's Monthly Museletter! INSIDE THIS MONTH'S ISSUE: Scammer Servicers, JPMChase Mods Begin at Home, The Servicers Pledge, Countrywide's Lying Again, Barney's Pissed, 1/10 in CA, Banker Bonuses, FTC's Hunt, Mod Performance, New... (Continue reading)

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Obamas Figured Out Whats Missing in Our Economy

What we’re apparently missing is the “spirit of innovation” and according to the president, we have to recapture it. I knew this was going to end up being our fault somehow. Okay, who was supposed to be watching... (Continue reading)

Feldman Law Center Goes Above and Beyond the Call

When the client walked into Feldman’s law offices with his documents in hand, Steve had been told that the man had a sale date that was two days away, but very quickly found that the sale date was that same... (Continue reading)

A Complaint By Any Other Name

People are losing their homes. And they feel let down. Let down by their banks, let down by their government, let down by society. Many still blame them for having created the situation in which they now... (Continue reading)

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Cash for Clunkers-By Math Class Flunkers

Pay $45,000 for a car worth $500, over a 3-4 day period, so that someone can buy a car that may not even be made here, and then only target those who would have likely purchased a car to replace... (Continue reading)

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