Clarke Balcolm Law

Clarke Balcom, Attorney at Law

Clarke Balcom Law

1312 SW 16th Ave., 2nd Floor

Portland, OR 97201

Telephone: (503) 224-5950

Facsimile: (503) 467-4669


I think Mandelman Matters Trusted Attorneys are the best of the best in their respective states.  I don’t list them to advertise them, but to help homeowners identify a resource on the law in their state that they can depend on to be knowledgable, experienced and accurate every time when asked a question.  Clarke Balcom is the perfect example of what I look for in a lawyer I know I can trust.

First of all, from the moment you walk into Clark’s offices, you know there’s something very genuine about the place.  There are several lawyers and numerous support personnel, but it’s clear that everyone there likes working with each other… and is there because they want to help homeowners.  Maybe it’s just that Portland vibe, I don’t know, but I’m certain that you will feel comfortable and confident as soon as you arrive.  I know my wife and I did when we visited them at the end of last summer.

Clark is expert in everything that has to do with debt.  And his firm is unquestionably on your side.  I’m serious when I say that you should not make any final decisions without at least running your plans by one of the attorneys at Clark Balcom Law.

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