First State Licensed Loan Mod Professional in the Country Goes to Work Today


For Mandy “Peacock” Wilson, its been a long time coming, but tomorrow, when she goes to work this morning at the company she founded in September 2008, Las Vegas based AAA Home Rescue, she’ll be making history.  Because as of today she will become the first officially state licensed Loan Modification Foreclosure Consultant in the United States.

Loan modifications, almost unheard of just a few years ago, became front page news this year when President Obama’s Making Home Affordable program presented them to the American people as being a component of the solution to the foreclosure crisis.

However, well before the president gave his speech on February 20th, those who offered to help homeowners obtain loan modifications had already been deemed controversial at the very least.  And after the president’s speech, they would be referred to as scammers, more than anything else.

Still, there have always been a large number of legitimate and reputable firms that offered to help homeowners with loan modifications and Mandy’s was one of them.

When the Nevada legislature began discussing a proposed bill that threatened the very existence of  the private sector loan modification firms, Mandy wasn’t dissuaded for a moment.  Although she had never considered a career lobbying government before, she knew she had to now, and so she did just that.

Mandy is not one to quit, once she knows what she wants and due primarily to her efforts, the State of Nevada ultimately passed a law regulating loan modification firms… that made sense, allowed for an advance fee, and required a special license in order to perform loan modification and related services.

That’s simply exceptional.  Mandy managed to get something done that no other state has been able to do: Pass a law that allows for state regulated private sector loan modification firms, that protects consumers from scammers, while providing them with access to legitimate and skilled assistance.  Outstanding, truly outstanding.

Mandy “Peacock” Wilson




This Saturday you can hear Mandy speak at a seminar in Las Vegas…

I’m going for sure.  Hope to see you there!

Mandy “Peacock” Wilson & AAA Home Rescuers

Presents an Educational Symposium for Las Vegas Homeowners:

What’s Really Happening in Housing Today

From Mandy You’ll Learn:

The costs & benefits of Loan Modification, Short Sale, Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure, Making Home Affordable Program, HUD approved programs and much more.

Learn about AB 149, the recently passed bill written to protect homeowners in default. Find out how it will and won’t protect you!


Saturday, August 8th, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM


5888 West Sunset, Suite 103, Las Vegas



And I am seriously  going to attend.

Just in case you’re in Las Vegas this weekend.

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