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6818 N. Oracle Road, Suite 426

Tucson, Arizona 85704

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Michael Fleishman is the Mandelman Matters Trusted Attorney in Tucson and it was a no-brainer to ask him to fill the slot. ¬†He knows Tucson, knows everything about real estate law, and he is so totally focused on helping homeowners get on the right path related to being at risk of foreclosure, that you could almost call it an obsession. ¬†Check out his blog, HERE, and you’ll see what I mean.

Michael is one of the most approachable attorneys you’ll meet. ¬†He clearly is there for homeowners and absolutely doesn’t mind taking time out of his day to take calls and answer questions from any Tucson homeowners. ¬†Seriously, you should feel free to call on him as a resource whenever you feel like you need someone who knows the law and will tell you the accurate truth whether it’s good news or bad.

Arizona is a difficult state for homeowners at risk of foreclosure. ¬†And Michael can help any homeowner in the Tucson area figure out their realistic options and get on the right path for them. ¬†You can get to know Michael better by clicking play on the video below where you’ll see my interview with him in his Tucson offices…

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