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I’v e gotten to know Traut Law Group, in Santa Ana, California, and I find the firm to be impressive in many ways.  Right off the bat, I like what they say prominently on their Website:

“It’s your home, not the bank’s!” If you’re a homeowner in crisis, we will fight for you. You are not alone. Many homeowners are facing the challenges presented by our country’s economic downturn and the corresponding depreciation of home values.

And there’s reason to believe that Traut Law is capable of fighting.  Eric Traut was the youngest winner ever of the Orange County Trial Lawyer Association’s prestigious Trial Lawyer of the Year award.  eric_rev1[1]He has been selected as one of the 50 Super Lawyers in Orange County in 2008 & 2009 and has been named a Super Lawyer every year since 2004.  He was the youngest member ever admitted to the Orange County Chapter of the American Board of Trial Advocates at the age of 33, back in 1998, and he will serve as President-Elect for the Chapter in 2009.  He has handled several high-profile cases, which have resulted in appearances on Good Morning America, Fox News, Court T.V. and ABC’s “Primetime.”

Before Traut Law Group agrees to take on a client the case is reviewed by a strategy panel.  The Traut Law Group is comprised of some of the most experienced and talented Real Estate & Mortgage minds in the country including experts in Lender Loss Mitigation, Corporate Asset Management, Real Estate Evaluation and Direct Lender-to-Client Negotiations.  The panel must agree that a successful outcome to the case is probable, or the case will be rejected.  This unique process prevents homeowners from using valuable resources on legal fees for a case that is unlikely to be successfully resolved.

Traut Law also publishes a listing of outcomes they’ve been responsible for and you can review it here:

Although Traut Law Group offers many services and has many areas of expertise, the firm is now focused on providing much needed legal representation to homeowners in crisis.  As they say it:

Although most lenders claim to offer bank sponsored loan modification programs, the fact is, the guidelines and procedures are so complicated that in most cases the homeowner is unable to navigate his way through to a successful modification. If by chance the homeowner is lucky enough to be approved for a modification, the terms will favor the bank and not the homeowner.  Oftentimes the homeowner is left in a worse position after the loan modification than he was with his original mortgage.

When representing a homeowner, Traut Law Group’s strategy is to take a proactive and aggressive position when negotiating with a lender. The terms and conditions of the new mortgage will be dictated by the attorneys and negotiators at Traut Law Group, not the bank.

The firm’s listing of services related to homeowners at risk of foreclosure include:

  • Law Firm-to-Bank Negotiations
  • Dismiss Delinquent Payments
  • Lower Monthly Interest Rates/Payments
  • Principal Reduction
  • Convert Adjustable Rate Mortgages into Fixed Rate Mortgages
  • Forensic Loan Audits
  • Short Sales
  • Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

And they also say: “We can help you even if you are not late,” which is something I think all homeowners should know about negotiating with lenders and servicers.  In my experience, waiting never pays.

The firm’s Director of Client Services is Stuart Spencer and I’ve met with him several times now.  He’s definitely someone who is very easy to talk to; definitely someone who cares about the firm’s clients.  Traut Law offers a free online consultation or you can contact Stuart directly to discuss your current situation… feel free to use my name… not that I think you have to… I’m sure they treat all new clients with the same level of caring dedication and professionalism.

Traut Law Group

200 W. Santa Ana Blvd. Suite 990

Santa Ana, CA 92701

Toll Free 866-370-9640

Fax 714-260-9295


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