Another Victim of the Foreclosure Crisis

A man was injured on his job… then he was laid off… then his benefits ran out.

He never was a day late on his mortgage payment to GMAC.

Maybe that was the problem.  Maybe it was something else.

The house was worth $250,000.  He owed $350,000.

He retained a lawyer to help him get his loan modified.

His attorney filed his application paperwork last March and relentlessly remained on top of GMAC for an answer.

The answer that never came, but always seemed to be right around the corner.

He kept up with his mortgage payments by tapping into his savings.

Then he tapped into his parent’s savings…

And then it became too much to bear.

He took his own life yesterday.

His lawyer had been pleading with GMAC… he knew his client’s stress was mounting fast.

Today, his mother said:

“Now the bank will get what they wanted… his house.”

I pray he rests in peace.  Amen.

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