Gail S. Smyth

Law Office of Gail S. Smyth

Gail S. Smyth, Attorney at Law

CBN 106001

Law Office of Gail S. Smyth

300 State Highway 49

Sutter Creek, CA 95685

Ph. 209-267-9194


Gail comes to representing homeowners in private practice after working at the FDIC, AAC Capital Holdings and Option One Mortgage.  If you’re at risk of foreclosure, I think retaining a lawyer who knows the financial services industry from the inside makes all the sense in the world.  And while Gail may have worked at the FDIC, you’d never know it… she’s as easy to talk to as an old friend right from the start.  I wouldn’t hesitate to contact her of you have questions about your mortgage, I’m quite sure she’ll be happy to help.

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