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Okay, look… Glenn Russell is just a great guy… and a great lawyer… I mean, seriously… if I were a lawyer, I’d want to be Glenn. Glenn also has become quite famous lately… he represented the LaRace family, one of the families whose case began in the state’s Land Court with Judge Long, and ended up in the Massachusetts Supreme Court as part of what’s become known as the “Ibanez Decision“. Glenn and the lawyer who represented the Ibanez family, argued the case before the state’s high court against the attorneys representing US Bankcorp and Wells Fargo Bank… and I don’t want to spoil the ending if you haven’t read it, but let’s just say that the good guys won.

Here’s some of what Glenn has said about the decision…

“Generally the parties involved in the securitization process of your mortgage did not following the mandates under the prospectus governing the securitized trust that your note and mortgage are in. Additionally, and problematic for foreclosing entities, is the situation whereby the lender has already sold a property to an innocent third party (that it didn’t really own,according to Judge Long’s decision). Looking into the not so distant future, I predict Judge Long’s ruling will be hailed as one of the great judicial opinions of all time, with regards to its impact.” —- Glenn F. Russell, Jr.

When it comes to having strong views about the financial and foreclosure crises, the role of the bankers, and the inadequacy of our government’s response, let’s just say that I may have written over 400 articles on the subjects involved, but I’ve got nothing on Glenn. Here’s some classic Glenn Russell, just so you get the idea of what to expect when you call his office.

“One of the key concepts to understand in foreclosure defense, is that your mortgage most likely was “securitized.” Your loan may have been transferred again and again (if itis in a “mezzanine tranche” as part of a CDO), and possibly sold simultaneously to different investors (something I have actually seen).

Therefore, many times when challenged, the entity foreclosing cannot produce your original note, or has great difficulty proving that they followed the mandates of the prospectus governing the securitization offering that included your mortgage. They try to bluff their way through the foreclosure (if challenged), by saying they are presenting a “certified copy of the original note,” and/or that they are the “record holder” of the mortgage. Qualifying as a record holder of a mortgage has a specific meaning in Massachusetts, and an assignment of mortgage must strictly adhere to G.L.C. 183s, 6C. And if MERS is involved, the lender did not comply with this statute.”

What else do you need to know? Oh, maybe this sort of thing… Glenn earned his BS as a business major, with a minor in economics at Roger Williams University and his JD at the Southern New England School of Law. He’s admitted to the Massachusetts State and Federal Bars, and the Connecticut State Bar.

If you’re luck enough to live in Massachusetts or Connecticut, call Glenn if you need help with your mortgage and absolutely tell him your a Mandelman Matters reader and that I said hello.

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