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Brian F. Chapman
The Law Office of Brian F. Chapman

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Brian Chapman was a police officer for years before earning his law degree, so many of his friends and family members just assumed he’d wind up being a prosecutor… perhaps a District Attorney one day.

However, Brian knew he had come to law enforcement because he truly wanted to help others, and having also earned his MBA, he also knew he liked working with numbers.  So, for a time, he considered being a tax attorney… until a friend suggested he specialize in bankruptcy.  And from there, when the foreclosure crisis started, it only made sense that The Law Office of Brian Chapman become an expert in foreclosure defense, as well.

Brian is a Max Gardner Boot Camp graduate many times over, which means he’s one of those individuals committed to ongoing learning, and therefore is up to date and well-rounded as far as what type of cases are being filed, how people are using Chapter 13 bankruptcy to save homes and get out of debt, when you should consider litigation and as a practical matter, when and how to get your loan modified.

Brian is also very easy to talk to and ethical to a fault. I have no doubt that he does what he does because he loves helping people, so before you decide on the path that’s right for you in North Carolina, I would run your circumstances by Brian Chapman to see what he has to say.  As I’m sure Brian will tell you, suing your bank is never easy, quick, inexpensive or certain… in other words, just because you’re right, doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily win.

There’s a lot going on in the North Carolina courts related to foreclosure and you need to understand how the latest decisions may or may not affect you.  To hear Brian talk about the latest developments… as of the beginning of 2013… click below to hear Brian on a Mandelman Matters Podcast.

North Carolina Foreclosures Rising with Attorney Brian Chapman 


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