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A San Diego Attorney Speaks Out on How SB 94 Has Taken Legitimate Lawyers Away from Homeowners

SB 94 is simply a law written by the Senate Banking Committee to make it next to impossible for a homeowner to hire a lawyer when at risk of foreclosure. I bet the banks wish they could have passed... (Continue reading)


Further, if the legislature is allowed to affect attorney compensation practices in this instance, what will they attempt to limit next? Homeowners have the right to representation before losing their homes to foreclosure. Attorneys have the right to... (Continue reading)

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Did Attorneys “TURN BAD” in 2009? What… Is There Something in the Water?

In 2009, not only did all of that happen… and more, but more importantly, in 2009 we all started to realize that our way of life… the one we’ve come to know over the last thirty years, would not be... (Continue reading)

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