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California Bar: Disregards Attorney General’s Views, Screws Homeowners

California Bar: Disregards Attorney General's Views, Screws Homeowners

What’s even harder to understand is that the State Bar’s most recent interpretation of SB 94 completely disagrees with how California Attorney General Harris and Governor Brown interpreted the law in documents filed with the court last year when... (Continue reading)

Mandelman Speaks at California State Bar’s Annual Discipline Hearings

Mandelman Speaks at California State Bar's Annual Discipline Hearings

I also spoke to the members of the panel about the need for the State Bar to give more careful consideration to how it can better support the legitimate and ethical attorneys that could provide representation to homeowners in need... (Continue reading)

Bull… meet China Shop. SB 94 and the California State Bar, Two Years Later

Bull... meet China Shop.  SB 94 and the California State Bar, Two Years Later

At the California State Bar Association's 84th Annual Meeting, September 17, 2011, Susan Anderson presented what she said is the bar’s official interpretation of SB 94, precluding a lawyer from being paid for services related to a loan modification until... (Continue reading)

A San Diego Attorney Speaks Out on How SB 94 Has Taken Legitimate Lawyers Away from Homeowners

SB 94 is simply a law written by the Senate Banking Committee to make it next to impossible for a homeowner to hire a lawyer when at risk of foreclosure. I bet the banks wish they could have passed... (Continue reading)

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