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Sitting in at Max Gardner’s UCC Seminar at New York Law School…

Sitting in at Max Gardner's UCC Seminar at New York Law School...

So... if you're wondering why I'm writing this right now, as education is raining down all around me? Well, it's because this is like being at the All-Star Game of the foreclosure crisis. It's just packed with high... (Continue reading)

Who’s Winning Here? The Foreclosure Crisis – A Slide Show

Who's Winning Here?  The Foreclosure Crisis - A Slide Show

Facing Change: Documenting America is a non-profit collective of dedicated photojournalists and writers coming together to explore America and to build a forum to chart its future. Mobilizing to document the critical issues facing America, FCDA teams will create a... (Continue reading)

WATCH THIS! And then tell me why we can’t hit our politicians with sticks.

Because there's no reason to talk about what went on there. None whatsoever. If you're the Inspector General of the Federal Reserve and you know that $9 trillion has been spent... and you leave the office on the day you... (Continue reading)

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