WATCH THIS! And then tell me why we can’t hit our politicians with sticks.

You know, you reach a point where it’s just not fun anymore.

Watch this video of Rep. Alan Grayson calmly asking questions of the Inspector General of the Federal Reserve Bank. Watch the whole thing. But be sure to breathe. Stretch. Try not to harm yourself. If you’re someone who has a drink on occasion, I would recommend that you do so now.

Then tell me why this kind of thing isn’t front page news every single day. Why MSNBC isn’t running this more times than they ran the story about the missing girl in Aruba? What’s wrong with our country and our news media? Has the media not lost enough viewership to the Internet already? Have they not learned a thing from the experience? Soon we’ll all be getting our news from YouTube and the like.

But I don’t even care about that. I’m fine with YouTube and the like. There’s no commercials and idiotic hosts blathering on about something they no little or nothing about.

WHY ISN’T THIS OFFENDING EVERYONE? Is it just me that finds this unbelievable? Should they put this woman in handcuffs after her responses to where trillions of dollars of our money has gone?

It can’t be just me. It just can’t be. What up people?

Okay, so why can’t we hit them with sticks? They do it in Pakistan. I bet it would be a deterrent. If you knew you were going to get hit with a stick or two, you’d damn well make sure you were keeping track of where $9 trillion went. Oh yes you would.

It wouldn’t cause serious physical harm… I’m not talking about a bat… just a stick. Seriously. Why not? Are we too civilized for that? Please… sell that somewhere else. It’s a good idea and you know it. You’re liking it. And it’s going to grow on you. I think we should start a national movement.

People In Favor of Hitting Politicians with Sticks… PFHPS? Come on, work with me here.  Tell me you’re in and I’ll launch it and start sending out buttons and bumper stickers.

And I don’t normally advocate violence as a path to affecting political change either, but when the Inspector General of the Federal Reserve can’t even come up with a ballpark type answer to where $9 trillion went… and when the politician asking the question only says he’s shocked at the lack of response… well… whack.

Because there’s no reason to talk about what went on there. None whatsoever. If you’re the Inspector General of the Federal Reserve and you know that $9 trillion has been spent… and you leave the office on the day you hear about the $9 trillion being spent without finding out where it went… well… you’re fired, right? I mean, what… you were too busy to follow up on the $9 trillion? I want to know what else you were preoccupied with that made the whereabouts of the $9 trillion take a back seat.

And if you’re a congressional representative… first of all… I would prefer that you start your line of questioning earlier in the process… say before the $2-3 trillion mark. You wait until it hits $9 trillion to ask questions and… well… you’re fired, right?

And when you don’t get an answer to your question about where the $9 trillion might have gone, the proper response is not “I’m shocked”. And the meeting doesn’t continue onto other subjects after that. The Inspector General of the Federal Reserve has no thoughts on where $9 trillion went? Okay, meeting’s over… stop everything else you’re doing… where’s the $9 trillion damn it?

Health care reform… shut up, shut up. Iran’s nukes… shut up. The entire country stops in its tracks because if someone doesn’t come up with an answer here, then someone should be concerned that the citizens in this democracy won’t send in any more checks. But no. It’s “I couldn’t answer that right now,” and then “I’m shocked,” and then what… the video ended there but I want to know what happened next… “Okay we’ll move on to our next topic… school lunches?”

And that leads us back to hitting politicians with sticks. See you couldn’t think of anything else to say right there either.

See… I’m one of those people that couldn’t go home the day I learned about the $9 trillion until I had some answers about its whereabouts. Period. Nobody leaves until I know more about this $9 trillion. Because wherever it is… it’s got to be sticking out, right?

We’re talking $9 trillion… or 9,000 billion here. And just so everyone has a point of reference:

9 million seconds = 108 days

9 billion seconds = 288 years

9 trillion seconds = 288,000 years

So… “I’m shocked” just doesn’t cut it here. Sticks… we need sticks.

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