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Martin Andelman Responding to Erin Baldwin Writing on her Blog, The Big Bearian Returns

Initially, I didn’t think there was any need to address Ms. Baldwin's accusations one by one because, they were either obviously untrue or just goofy. Additionally, they are the kind of things that are easily verified, so I figured why... (Continue reading)

Ding Dong, Ding Dong… Bad Biz Finder’s Erin Baldwin Hit By Bucket of Water! The Flying Monkeys Are Free!

Breaking News: In a freak accident earlier this morning, Bad Biz Finder’s Erin Baldwin was doused by a large bucket of water. A witness reported seeing steam being emitted through her skin, and then she began shrinking in size... (Continue reading)

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Bad Biz Finder’s Erin Baldwin is Awe Inspiring…

Anyway, then she goes on to say that I’ve never worked anywhere I said I did, that no one’s ever heard of me at those companies, that my companies either don’t exist or they’re suspended, and frankly I'm relieved that... (Continue reading)

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