Bad Biz Finder’s Erin Baldwin is Awe Inspiring…

I’ve been employing people for one reason or another since the mid-1980s.  I’ve hired several hundred people in my career.  I’ve also enjoyed a twenty-year career working with lots of other companies all over the world, so I’ve been at least half way around the block, as they say.  But no one I’ve ever come across compares with Erin Baldwin, of the Bad Biz Finder website.

Ms. Baldwin is something else.  She’s a self-starter, she’s self-motivated and has skills that as far as I can see are unrivaled by even the most tech-savvy bloggers on the Internet.  She can make a blog come up at the top of Google like David Copperfield can make the Ace of Spades come up in a deck of cards.  And as far as burn artists go, she’s the tops.  Why she hasn’t been picked up by the Republican or Democratic parties, or at least sponsored by the American Banking Association, I do not know.

She has a website called Bad Biz Finder.  I offered to give her a back-link from my site, and to buy her lunch, but she told me to go F#@k myself.  Besides, giving her a link seems like such an insignificant gesture in light of her accomplishments.  Like buying Lance Armstrong a set of training wheels.  Her site mercilessly attacks just about all of the prominent attorneys and politicians, an Assistant District Attorney, a huge property management company, and anyone else who she decides has gotten in her way.

About a month ago, I knew I’d “made it” when she even started attacking me.  And not only that, but she built an entire blog dedicated to me… it’s called, and you’ve got to love this… “Does Mandelman Matter?”  Come on… that’s clever stuff… seriously.  She points out that I may be a little taken with myself lately, and upon reflection, I think she’s absolutely right.  I have been feeling a bit taken with myself lately.  In fact, I think I’ll go ahead and give myself some tongue.

Well, then she goes on to present the disclaimer copy that the nice folks that run placed at the bottom of my site just a month or two ago.  Here’s what their disclaimer says:

While we do strive to confirm all information presented here and qualify all doubtful items, the information on this site is neither definitive nor should it be construed as professional advice.  It is a community site that depends on community feedback.  Factual or alleged factual information presented here does not originate from ml-implode, and all commentary is purely the opinion of the author(s) of this site, unless otherwise quoted from other sources. You should consult a finance professional before making any decisions based on information found at this site.

And then she says:  But we thought Marty was the finance professional?

Okay, now on this point, I think I’m going to add my own additional disclaimer, maybe make it a bit more clear, just so there are no misunderstandings:

I only strive to write something people enjoy reading and want to read again.  No matter how I came up with whatever is written here, NONE of it should ever be construed as “advice,” professional or otherwise, and I’m pretty sure I’ve never written anything I would classify as being “definitive”.  ALWAYS REMEMBER: What I write is purely MY opinion, unless otherwise indicated of course, and I cannot stress enough that no one should ever even consider making financial decisions based on what I’ve written here.  Never.  Never ever.

And thank you, but no, I am NOT a “finance professional”.  In fact, I don’t even consider myself a “finance amateur”.  Ask anyone that knows me… My 401(k) is a 201(k).  So, please don’t make any financial decisions based on what I write.

Anyway, then she goes on to say that I’ve never worked anywhere I said I did, that no one’s ever heard of me at those companies, that my companies either don’t exist or they’re suspended, and frankly I’m relieved that the truth has finally come out.  I’m not at all who I say I am… I’m actually Paulo Prinzzano, a gay Italian swimming instructor from Jersey who drives a sausage and muffin truck by day, and does the samba by night.  Ciao.

She closes out well too.  You know how, when someone asks me to describe my column, I always say: “And people say I’m funny”?  Well she prints that line, and then underneath puts: “You’re not.”

And not only is that funny, it’s impeccably timed.

Oh yeah, she’s also decided that I’m dangerous… that I have a dangerous blog.  You read my blog, you could get hurt.  Remove all sharp objects before attempting to read me.  I kind of like that image.  Maybe I should have a DANGER warning at the very top of my page.  What do you think of this:

Mandelman…  An overweight Jew who is dangerous too?

Or how about:

Mandelman Matters May Leave You in Tatters.

Okay, it needs some work, but what doesn’t?  Just be careful when reading my column, and understand that if a piano falls on you while you’re reading me… it’s not my fault and I’m not paying you a dime.

She is also not at all impressed with my grammar.  And I are sorry to had offended she.  My second grade teacher, Mrs. Strauchler, always said that I wouldn’t amount to anything, and I always suspected that she was right.

Look, I don’t think people should let Erin Baldwin, or Cathy Bixby, or Beverly Sullivan (a few of her aliases) bother them all that much… she works hard, and writing fiction isn’t easy… believe me, I do it all the time.

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