August, 2012

Nevada Foreclosure Defense Attorney

Tweet Tisha Black Chernine, Attorney BLACK & LOBELLO, Attorneys at Law 10777 West Twain Avenue @ 215 Third Floor Las Vegas, Nevada 89135 Telephone: (702) 869-8801 Facsimile: (702) 869-2669 Website: Gloria M. Petroni, Attorney at Law Petroni & Nichols... (Continue reading)

Washington Foreclosure Defense Attorney

Tweet John A. Long, Attorney at Law John Long Law PLLC 300 NE Gilman Blvd, Suite 100 Issaquah, Washington 98027 Telephone: (425) 427-9660 Facsimile: (888) 735-6513 Email:  Website:        ... (Continue reading)

Oregon Foreclosure Defense Attorney

Tweet Clarke Balcom, Attorney at Law Clarke Balcom Law 1312 SW 16th Ave., 2nd Floor Portland, OR 97201 Telephone: (503) 224-5950 Facsimile: (503) 467-4669 Website: (Continue reading)

PREVIEW: Neil Barofsky talks BAILOUT on a Mandelman Matters Podcast

PREVIEW: Neil Barofsky talks BAILOUT on a Mandelman Matters Podcast

Neil Barofsky is a name I'll never forget, and it won't be hard for anyone to understand why that's the case when I tell you the reason why. Neil was the Special Inspector General for the Treasury’s Troubled Asset... (Continue reading)


If no one else is going to go to jail having to do with the financial meltdown, then I don’t actually care if Bernie is in there either. I mean, if crime pays… then let’s embrace the change. ... (Continue reading)

Californias Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom on Eminent Domain A Politician with True Grit

According to a story in Mortgage News Daily, California’s Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom took a couple of shots at a Washington D.C. trade group called the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (“SIFMA”) in response to their threatening San Bernardino... (Continue reading)

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