April, 2015

Wells Fargo is Evicting a 72 Year-old Woman with Advanced Alzheimer’s – Will you try to help stop this from happening?

I don’t know why the bank wants to evict a 72 year-old woman with advanced Alzheimer’s. I don’t know why there aren’t laws to prevent such a thing from happening. ... (Continue reading)

Judge Rules Wells Fargo Failed to Comply with 2010 Settlement – Many homes lost unnecessarily.

Why wouldn’t every homeowner demand Wells Fargo be severely punished for disregarding a legal settlement, and for allowing people to lose homes unnecessarily?... (Continue reading)

Credit Scoooooooooore! By Tom Lewis of DailyImpact.net

Fair Isaac, the FICO score company, announced that they're introducing a new higher score to get people borrowing again. But will we fall for it this time?... (Continue reading)



Here lies the body of Mary Lee; tried to modify her loan when she was 33. For over five years she fought to keep her sanity; didn’t tell a soul as a matter of vanity. ... (Continue reading)

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Saxon Settles HAMP Class Action for $4.5 Million… A win for homeowners, LOL

Saxon Settles HAMP Class Action for $4.5 Million… A win for homeowners, LOL

Tweet A class action law suit filed against Saxon Mortgage Services/Morgan Stanley alleged that the servicer improperly denied thousands of California homeowners loan modifications through the federal Home Affordable Modification Plan (HAMP), and as a result, some lost their homes... (Continue reading)

Leave Octogenarians at Home – Stop Evictions after 80.

Leave Octogenarians at Home - Stop Evictions after 80.

Over the last few weeks I’ve learned that we’re a country that actually doesn’t care about people in their 80s that run into financial difficulties. In fact… and as incredible as it may seem, WE EVICT THEM.... (Continue reading)

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