February, 2015

Study Shows Foreclosure-related Suicides Doubled, 2006 – 2010

Tweet Well, finally, (at least as far as I’m concerned) the American Journal of Public Health has published the results of a comprehensive study on foreclosure- and eviction-related suicide, which it should come as little surprise, shows has more than... (Continue reading)

How & Why I Fell in Love with the Reverse Mortgage

How & Why I Fell in Love with the Reverse Mortgage

Nothing else does what a reverse mortgage does. There’s no real alternative because any other type of home equity loan would require you to make monthly payments, and you can’t retire with high monthly payments or you could end up... (Continue reading)

As Goes California’s Housing Market, So Will Go the Nation’s.

Home sales volume and home prices in Southern California are falling… precipitously. As in… both volume and prices are going down. There are two things I would add to this fact: 1. It’s not just happening here. 2. It... (Continue reading)

The Foreclosure Crisis is Behind Us? Where?  Who says?

Maybe the mainstream media has simply gotten tired of the foreclosure crisis. It’s not like they’ve ever had a particularly good handle on what’s going on in real life when it come to foreclosures and loan modifications in general.... (Continue reading)

Motley Fool’s 10 Reasons Not to Get Reverse Mortgage is So Wrong… but Some Right

Yet another example of shoddy reporting on reverse mortgages. Some of what Bennett writes is correct, but much of it is slanted and the rest is just plain wrong.... (Continue reading)

Republicans Want to Kill HAMP – Are they right or wrong?

Are Republicans monumentally insensitive and inconceivably delusional about loan modifications, as their statements might lead many to conclude? Or are Republicans right about HAMP?... (Continue reading)

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