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Podcast: Attorney Tom Cox on How to Handle Mortgage Forbearances

What if you accept a forbearance and don't make your $2,000 a month mortgage payments for six months? Is this going to be a problem for millions of homeowners? ... (Continue reading)

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From Forbearance to Foreclosure? A Real Home and Business Owner Podcast

But, forbearance is not forgiveness.  At some point the money has to be paid back.  The question for millions of Americans today is: How?... (Continue reading)

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A Realistic View of the Economy Ahead – Part 2

I realize the media is saying that "there are signs that our recovery is slowing," but that's just a bunch of nonsense.  This is not a time to live in denial.... (Continue reading)

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VIDEO: What We Know and Don’t Know About the Economy

VIDEO: What We Know and Don't Know About the Economy

Credit is tightening significantly, over 4 million homeowners have stopped making mortgage payments and some 40 million are un- or under-employed. So, what can you do to protect yourself going forward? ... (Continue reading)

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