JUST RELEASED: Kissing Persuasive Lips, a Novella by Foreclosure-Fighting Attorney, Dale Wiley

Last year, foreclosure-fighting attorney and my good friend, Dale Wiley, embarked upon a career as a writer of fiction and his second effort, titled “Kissing Persuasive Lips,” was just released as an e-book today… and I love it!

In the tradition of John Grisham, Dale Wiley’s first book, “The Intern,” came out this past spring to great reviews, quickly becoming an Amazon “best seller.”  Now today, his new novella, which introduces the anti-bankster character, Mick Lord, arrives and is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and Apple. 

From Amazon’s description…

“Mick Lord had the world by the tail until his beautiful wife died. He was young, rich and handsome, a star in Hollywood and in the banking world. But when his wife was killed by a five-time loser driving drunk, everything changed. Mick is trying everything to tempt death, but nothing’s working. He’s even on an uncanny gambling streak that is just making him richer.

When Mick is attacked by a man claiming that Mick “stole” his home, Mick discovers that the company he sold his banks to has been forging his name in order to kick people out of their houses. Beautiful Kinley Baron wants him to keep quiet, but that’s against everything Mick stands for. And when a rich old man maims a young woman right in front of him, Mick decides to use his fortune and his desire for death to settle some scores.”

According to Dale…

“What I think my readers will find most interesting about Kissing Persuasive Lips is one of its villains. Mick owned a string of successful banks which was sold to the banksters right before the 2008 collapse. Now he’s nearly killed by an irate homeowner, who believes that Mick signed the documents that caused his foreclosure. And now he’s ready to fight back against the bank…”

Dale describes Kissing Persuasive Lips as “James Bond without a country,” and I would only add that it’s a fabulous read that’s also a fascinating setup for future adventures!

Today, it’s only $0.99 at Amazon, Nook, Apple and Kobo.

Pick it up today and root on Dale’s new anti-bankster hero!

Here’s an excerpt from Kissing Persuasive Lips…

“Carlos had one hand. He could tie Mick on two hands, beat him on one. Carlos flipped up his hole card. He showed a five.

This drew a gasp from the crowd. Now a ten, the highest probability in the deck, would set Mick back a million bucks. Mick had never heard such a quiet crowd in Vegas. Couldn’t remember a single time.

Carlos thumbed the next card, slid it across in front of him and turned it over. It was a four. He now had fifteen. Once again, the odds had shifted in Mick’s favor. Carlos drew his next card. It was a seven.


The Wynn erupted like you’d expect in a World Cup match. They jumped and cheered and hugged in a show of solidarity rare anywhere, especially rare in Las Vegas.

All except Mick.

He had desperately wanted to lose.”

To download your e-book copy of Kissing Persuasive Lips, click any of the links below…

Kissing Persuasive Lips

By Dale Wiley

A Mick Lord Novella

Amazon: http://bit.ly/micklord1

Barnes and Noble: http://bit.ly/bnkpljdw

Kobo: http://bit.ly/kobokpljdw

Apple: http://bit.ly/kpljdw

Only $0.99

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