Atty. Bruce Levitt of Kemp v. Countrywide – A Mandelman Matters Podcast

The more you learn about the Kemp v. Countrywide case, the more you realize how unlikely it is that anything like it will ever happen.  This was the case on which the banking industry went to school.  On behalf of the plaintiff, was New Jersey’s own, bankruptcy and foreclosure defense attorney, Bruce Levitt, of South Orange, who actually had taken over the case from another lawyer only a couple of weeks in advance of the trial.  Not a whole lot of time to prepare, as big, complicated law suits go.

However, as luck would have it, Bank of America’s star witness was Linda DeMartini. (See graphic at top of page, lol.)

Linda kind of stole the show right from the beginning, and made the plaintiff’s case seemingly within a few minutes of taking the stand, not that Bruce Levitt didn’t handle everything brilliantly, mind you… he absolutely did.

Join Bruce and me, as we talk about the Kemp v. Countrywide case, about a much anticipated New Jersey Supreme Court decision, and a whole lot more.  Just turn up your speakers and click PLAY, on this… A Mandelman Matters Podcast.

Mandelman out.

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