Two Top Tier Lawyers Ready to Sue Servicers for Defrauding Homeowners

For the last three years plus… as the foreclosure crisis has quietly sucked the life out of at least 10 million Americans, there’s been essentially nowhere for these defrauded individuals to turn for justice.  They’ve been told that HAMP’s rules are merely guidelines, that loan modifications are purely voluntary… and they’ve learned the hard way that if you can’t make your mortgage payment, many of the things that should matter… don’t.

Well, two lawyers that I interviewed on the video below have spent the last six months plus, doing the research and preparing the complaint that they will now use to sue mortgage servicers on behalf of California homeowners.  And Mark Zanides and Kenneth Gertz are formidable opponents, even for Bank of America or JPMorgan Chase.  They’re not the types that are used to losing, and they’re not the kind to be pushed around either.

It’s no secret to anyone close to the crisis that homeowners in distress are routinely lied to by servicers…  often homes are lost as a result of those lies… and what’s even more shocking than that is how so few Americans care about the plight of their neighbors.  I would never have believed how callous so many of us are… how quick to judge when someone doesn’t have the money they need to pay a few bills.

I knew when the credit markets froze back in the summer of 2007 where we were headed economically speaking.  Perhaps I wasn’t as early as some, but I was a lot earlier than others as far as seeing the future was concerned.  But, I could never have imagined how servicers would be permitted to treat American homeowners struggling financially as a result of the most severe and longest recession in more than 70 years.

If you’re a homeowner who applied for a loan modification and you went through a process that felt like it should be illegal… well, it probably was and I recommend that you call Mark or Ken and talk to them about what they’re doing.

Maybe there’s going to be some justice in the world after all.

I’ve gotten to know both of these lawyers pretty well over the last couple of years and I can honestly say that I cannot think of two other attorneys that I would want asserting my interests in a courtroom more than Mark Zanides and Ken Gertz… I think you’ll see why I feel that way when you watch the video.

But you may be assured that I have NO FINANCIAL INTEREST in what they do, or what you do with them… this is not an advertisement.  When they told me that they would be filing lawsuits against servicers on behalf of California homeowners, I immediately said that I’d write about it so people would know that they were among their options, and then since I was interviewing them for the documentary I’m producing, I decided to ask them a few questions on camera about their servicer lawsuit and I used their answers to make this video.

So, understand… even though I do consider Mark and Ken friends, our relationship alone would not be enough to get me to write about their lawsuit, let alone make a video about it.  I wanted to do it because, well… it’s important… and how could I not cover such an important development in the war against the banksters? And because all too often, the lawyers who are the easiest to find, are not the lawyers you want handling your case.

So, if you feel that you’ve been defrauded or otherwise unfairly treated by your servicer when you applied for a loan modification… and I have spoken with several thousand that were, and heard from tens of thousands more… I would suggest you call either Mark or Ken and talk to them about your specific situation.  I included their Website address at the end of the video because on that site you can find their contact information including their phone numbers.

They’re both very easy to communicate with, they’re on your side… the side of homeowners… and they’re certainly not “salespeople,” so you don’t have to worry about that sort of thing.

Okay, so that’s all I have to say about that.  And I hope I’ve been helpful.

Mandelman out.

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