Once in a Great While You See Something That Means Something

It doesn’t happen every day… far from it, perhaps… but, once in a great while you see something that really means something… something that you are unlikely to ever forget.  The video below is one of those types of things.

There’s not much good news going around these days, unless of course you still pay attention to the Obama Administration’s always happy news about the economy being on track and recovery being just around the corner, and if that’s the case… well, YAY!  But, assuming you’ve come to your senses and now realize that we’ve been in a race to the bottom for some time now, and that the only “double dip” is Ben Bernanke himself, then you’ve no doubt had a few moments in which you’ve said to yourself… Ooohhhhh shhhhhhhiiiitttttttttttt!  What am I going to doooooooooo?

I know, because I’ve had one or two of these moments myself, and I’m not a person prone to panic attacks, in fact, I’m someone who generally gets calm in the face of extreme stress.  And then I have a bourbon with lots of ice.

Well, watch the seven minute video below… seriously… watch the whole thing.  That’s all I have to say, except… Happy Saturday!

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