Ding Dong, Ding Dong Bad Biz Finders Erin Baldwin Hit By Bucket of Water! The Flying Monkeys Are Free!

Breaking News: In a freak accident earlier this morning, Bad Biz Finder’s Erin Baldwin was doused by a large bucket of water.  A witness reported seeing steam being emitted through her skin, and then she began shrinking in size until there was nothing left but a black cape and pointed hat.

“It was so cool,” reported Dorothy Gale, a young girl that was on the scene when it happened.

Almost immediately, a tribe of flying monkeys was seen leaving the home of Ms. Baldwin.  They tried to fly away, but after a few steps they were transformed back into attorneys carrying briefcases, exactly how they looked when first captured by Ms. Baldwin.

The California State Bar Association had no comment on the melting of Ms. Baldwin, and the American flag in front of Bank of America’s headquarters now flies at half-mast.

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