Richard D. Shepherd, Attorney at Law

Law Offices of Richard D. Shepherd

92-B Industrial Way, Suite 5

Troy, VA 22974-1045

Phone: 434-242-0329

Fax: 434-473-6688

Richard opened his office for private law practice following 11 years as General Counsel of Saxon Capital, Inc., the NYSE-listed parent company of Saxon Mortgage, Inc., a nationwide residential mortgage lender, servicer and securitizer. He began as the company’s sole in-house attorney, and built a law department commensurate with the company’s needs through its growth cycle of nationwide expansion, going public in 2001, and acquisition by a major Wall Street firm in December 2006.

At Saxon, he simultaneously handled regulatory matters, transactions, and day-to-day legal matters while managing the company’s legal and compliance areas and serving as advisor to senior management and the board of directors.

Prior to joining Saxon, he practiced real estate, business law, bankruptcy, and tax law in Charlottesville, Virginia and Atlanta, Georgia. He is a 1980 graduate of the University of Virginia School Of Law.  And now he represents homeowners struggling to remain in their homes, and in bankruptcy.

Richard is also a recurring guest speaker at Max Gardner’s Bankruptcy Boot Camps, 2009-2011.  He knows the servicing business like the back of his hand.

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