Ken Gertz,Attorney at Law

The Law Offices of Kenneth E. Gertz
101 Main Street, Suite E.
Seal Beach, CA  90740
Ph. 562-296-8207

Ken Gertz has been practicing law in California since 1986.  He’s also a licensed Real Estate Broker in California, so he knows the housing market and understands the ins and outs of mortgages.  Ken helps people obtain loan modifications from their lenders and servicers and frankly I think that’s really good news for California homeowners.

I’ve gotten to know Ken well over the last six months and I’ve had the opportunity to see how he works.  First of all, Ken takes on a relatively small number of clients each month.  He’s no assembly line, that’s for sure.  He also essentially handles everything personally.  He does have one assistant, an expert in mortgage underwriting and the inner workings of banks.  But when you’re a client of Ken’s you’re working directly with Ken every single week.

The other reason I like recommending Ken Gertz is that he’s not a kid.  He’s been practicing law a long time and he’s not afraid of the banks, even Indy Mac/One West Bank.  And if you know anything about the different lenders and servicers, you know that IndyMac/One West is one of the most difficult with which to work, no question about it.

I’ve referred quite a few homeowners to The Law Offices of Kenneth E. Gertz and I’ve listened as he’s worked one on one with each to get things on the right track.  He’s very smart, and he’s obviously very good at what he does.  And this year, Ken says he’s ready to go back into the courts, arguing on behalf of homeowners, filing suits against the banks.

Ken spent 20 plus years as a litigator, so to hear him talking about causes of action and see a certain angry glimmer in his eye when he speaks of the wrongs committed by the banks against America’s homeowners, well… it gives me something to cheer about.  Because Ken Gertz is not the type of lawyer that banks want to get angry… and they’ve gone more than far enough to have done just that.

The fact is, if I were looking to sue my bank or just wanted to get my own mortgage modified, and you never know, I could be doing either any month now, Ken would unquestionably be one of the lawyers at the top of my list.  If you want to talk to an expert about your options, I think you should feel free to call Ken, even if it’s just to get his take on what you’re considering… I’ve never heard him even once complain about a homeowner contacting him with questions… that’s the kind of person he is.

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