Attorney Max Gardner on the U.S. Economy Today – A Mandelman Matters Podcast

Max Gardner is widely recognized as the top consumer bankruptcy attorney in the country. He has won 101 out of 102 jury trials for consumers… and has trained literally thousands of lawyers all across the country on how to best represent homeowners at risk of foreclosure.

He’s been around a long time in this space, so it’s safe to say that he’s seen our ups and closely studied our downs. If there’s anyone’s view on the U.S. economy today that I’d want to hear now… it’s Max’s for sure.

Click PLAY below to hear my latest podcast… an interview with Max Gardner on the U.S. Economy today… and what he sees ahead. It’s time to stop being naive about our country’s economy as a result of Covid-19… and more. It’s not good and won’t be getting better any time soon.

It’s time to prepare for the worst, while hoping for something better than that.

Click PLAY and hear what Max has to say…

Mandelman out.

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