Attorney Nick Wooten is Suing Banks in Illinois for Breaking Into Homes


Foreclosure defense attorney Nick Wooten has been making headlines as a consumer attorney since the earliest days of the foreclosure crisis.

Nick became quite well known around the country for his high profile, David v. Goliath type cases.  He sued Lender Processing Services (LPS)… he went after MERS… and he won a landmark case in Alabama, of all places, Horace v. LaSalle Bank, in which the judge ruled that the note was not properly endorsed and negotiated into the trust and therefore the trust could not foreclose.

Nick is now practicing law in Chicago, Illinois… he’ll explain why during the interview… and on this Mandelman Matters Podcast he also explain why he is focusing on cases he refers to as: “Break In Cases.”

Homeowners in the middle of loan modifications or short sales… or sometimes the homeowners are current on their mortgages, believe it or not… they come home from work one day to learn that they’ve been locked out of their homes.  When they finally get inside they discover that everything they owned… is gone.  Sold or taken to the dump.  Baby pictures, clothing, appliances, jewelry… precious memories that can never be replaced.

Most of us can remember reading about this sort of thing happening in the early years of the foreclosure crisis, and you’ll be shocked to learn that it’s still happening every day in this country, according to Nick.

(I didn’t know this was still happening, so I did some research and, of course, Nick’s absolutely right.  How can this sort of thing go on without making the news in this country?  That I’ll never fully understand.)

Nick is now representing homeowners who have been victimized in this outrageous and deplorable way by their banks and mortgage servicers, and he wants to talk to homeowners in Illinois and elsewhere who have been forced to endure this special kind of hell.  

In addition, attorneys representing homeowners will want to listen Nick talk about his plan to put a stop to this “accidental” practice by making it so expensive that the banks stop doing it.

(You can reach Nick in Chicago by contacting: Sulaiman Law 

or you can email me: and I’ll put you in touch.)

This is both important and shocking.  You really don’t want to miss this Mandelman Matters Podcast so be sure your speakers are turned up and click PLAY below.   


Mandelman out. 

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