Attorney & Author Dale Wiley Reads from his latest book, Kissing Persuasive Lips


Last week, foreclosure defense attorney and author Dale Wiley released his latest novella, “Kissing Persuasive Lips.”  It’s the story of a former banker, Mick Lord, who cashed out when he sold his bank before the meltdown, but after losing his wife to a tragic accident, is finding out the hard way that there are quite a few people who would like to see him dead after losing their homes to questionable foreclosures.

Click PLAY below to hear Dale tell us more about the story… about his other books… and he’ll read to us from his latest… “Kissing Persuasive Lips.”  And please do visit Dale’s Website: to sign up and receive future updates and more.  It’s a story that millions will relate to immediately… it’s a lot of fun to read… and it’s available for ONLY 99¢ at…


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