Meet the Lawyers who Won $16 Million for CA Homeowner – A Mandelman Matters Podcast


Steven Foondas, Managing Partner, United Law Center

When I started receiving emails from readers containing links to numerous articles being written about a California jury awarding a homeowner at risk of foreclosure a little over $16 million for being abused throughout the loan modification process, all I could think was:

  1. Good Lord, what in the world could have happened here that would support this sort of award for damages?  I mean, I know what happened to the homeowner in the loan mod process, but what would the jury and the judge find damaging?
  2. This will never stand up on appeal… and it will be appealed for sure.   And every attorney I spoke with agreed.
  3. This decision will be used by unscrupulous  to convince thousands of homeowners to take a shot at winning the loan mod lottery.  I’ve seen homeowners who signed up with a lawyer based on the Glaski decision, and I didn’t want the same result.

At the same time, this decision wasn’t the first that blamed and held servicers accountable for their treatment of borrowers in the loan modification process.  In fact, last year the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals not only ruled in favor of the borrower in Corvello v. Wells Fargo, but in addition Judge Noonan actually chewed out Wells Fargo saying among other things: “Heads I win, tails you lose” is a fraudulent coin toss. Wells Fargo did no better.”

I decided that the only way I could cover the real story behind the $16 million jury verdict handed down in Yuba, California, would be to do in-depth interviews with the lawyers at United Law Center, who represented the homeowner.  

So, I contacted United Law Center and spoke with their media relations person and she in turn got in touch with the co-founder and Managing Partner,  Steven Foondos, who was on vacation in Greece, but graciously agreed to do the interview.  And then I contacted the two lawyers at United… the ones that actually represented Mr. Phillip Linza at trial, Andre Chernay and  Jon Oldenburg.  

In PART ONE, I’ll talk to Steven Foondos, and in PART TWO, we’ll get into the specific details that only the lawyers who tried the case would know… and you don’t miss that for sure.  But first, turn up your speakers, and sit back and relax,,, here’s foreclosure  defense attorney, Steven Foondos on this Mandelman Matters Podcast.  




Mandelman out.

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