Understanding ObamaCare with Industry Expert Craig Lack – A Mandelman Matters Podcast



Craig Lack is widely considered to be America’s top health care cost reduction authority.  For over 20 years, Craig has been the CEO of Energi, the Employer’s National Expert Resource Group, Inc., a health benefits consulting firm that specializes in designing health benefit plans for middle market employers.

More recently, and based on his extensive study of the Affordable Care Act, he created Performance Based Health Plans,  an innovative and unique performance-based strategy that provides both significant cost savings and precise cost certainty out to three years for larger employers.  Inc. Magazine called Craig’s strategy, “the next big thing.”

Considering that ObamaCare is known more for creating uncertainly and higher costs for most businesses, what Craig has done is noteworthy.  His highly disruptive business model has landed him awards, major TV and finance magazine media mentions, and a #1 spot on the Amazon #1 Best Seller’s List.

I asked Craig to be my guest on this Mandelman Matters Podcast not only because he knows everything about ObamaCare, but because he is exceptionally good at explaining complicated subjects, and with decades of experience in health care benefit plans, he’s got the perspective of how health care has changed in this country over time.

I tried to understand the implications of the Affordable Care Act and found that it wasn’t easy.  There’s so much partisan noise surrounding the subject of health care reform that it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s not.  So, here’s an opportunity to get the straight scoop on ObamaCare and what it means to health care and health plans in this country going forward.




See Craig on YouTube here.  Craig Lack on Facebook.  Craig Lack on LinkedIn.

Mandelman out.

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