It was an honor to help him get his loan modified…


It was an honor to help Arlie Matthews get his loan modified with Bank of America.  At the times when I sit and wonder why I’ve done what I’ve done, and how I can possibly continue doing it for one more day, I think of Arlie.  He was among the bravest the U.S. military has ever witnessed.  He was a member of a helicopter crew who flew during the Viet Nam War.  They seldom flew above 1,500 feet and were essentially always exposed to hostile fire.  One out of five of these pilots was wounded or killed during the war.  And, I figure, if he could make it through that, then we can make it through this.  His letter to me follows… 


Dear Martin,

I wanted to let you know I am forever indebted to you, for all you have done for me. Your getting involved with my situation with Bank of America the way you did it, resulted in me getting a modification that I could not get on my own. This has allowed me to save the house from the Trustee Sale that was scheduled for only a month away.

I want you to know that as a former Army Rotor Wing aviator in combat the US Air Force Pararescue and Para-Jumpers (PJ’s), you were a security blanket for us at a time when we needed help. I salute you for what you’ve done for me and my family.

I know that what you did with Bank of America worked, because I had an appointment that same afternoon at the Loma Linda VA Medical Center and while I was there I received four voice mails on my cell phone. They were from Reuben and Suzanne at Bank of America telling me I needed to call them as soon as possible.

I talked to Reuben first. He told me they had a solution and then he transferred me to Suzanne who then explained to me that they had a modification package ready to send out to me.  It arrived the next day and the whole process was completed within two weeks of you getting involved.

Martin, as I told you earlier, if your blog about my situation could only help one or two other families with a similar situation as mine, then my three years of frustration was worth it.  I salute you and your readers.

We only live about 30 miles from each other and I would be honored to take you to lunch or dinner and have a cold glass of buttermilk (blended with salt!!) while sharing war stories.

Thank you, sir.

Arlie Matthews


No, Arlie… thank you.

Mandelman out.

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