Eminent Domain to Solve the Housing Crisis – PART 2 with Prof. Robert Hockett


If you missed Part One with Professor Robert Hockett on the topic of eminent domain and how it’s being considered by some two dozen cities as a way to solve the housing crisis, then click the link above and start there… but, if you’ve already got Part One under your belt as it were, then here’s the PART TWO you’ve been waiting for… and it’s only getting better from here.

The use of eminent domain is the front lines of the battle to stop foreclosures in this country, there is no solution on the table so controversial, none so vehemently opposed by those that make up the opposition.

So, with no further adieu, turn up your speakers, CLICK PLAY,  and get ready for the second installment in what will be a four part series with the man behind the plan to use eminent domain to take over underwater loans and write them down for homeowners… and for the benefit of all… Cornell University Law School’s Professor Robert Hockett.

It’s the sort of in-depth coverage you’ll only find on this… a Mandelman Matters Podcast.


Mandelman out.


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