PODCAST: Saving Homes from Foreclosure in Ohio Today… with Ohio’s Former Attorney General Marc Dann




1. On this Mandelman Matters Podcast, I ask Marc Dann all about what’s going on related to the foreclosure crisis in Ohio today, because if there’s one subject he knows better than anyone, that would be it.  As of last month, Ohio ranked #7 in the nation for foreclosures, and the end is nowhere in sight.

Marc shares what’s worked to prevent foreclosure in Ohio and what hasn’t, and he’s a lawyer that makes the law easy for anyone to understand.  He also talks about the decisions handed down by Ohio courts that impact homeowners and the types of lawsuits his firm is currently involved in and why.

If you’re a homeowner in Ohio, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to learn from a true expert in foreclosure law who is passionate about helping Ohio’s homeowners  stand up to the banks and remain in their homes.  Just make sure your speakers are turned up and CLICK PLAY below to hear this 30-minute Mandelman Matters Podcast…

Saving Homes in Ohio Today with Ohio’s Former Attorney General…

Foreclosure Defense Attorney Marc Dann.  


Get to know Marc Dann even better… Marc is the Mandelman Matters Trusted Attorney for the State of Ohio, and that means you can call on him for help and advice whether you hire him or not… he won’t mind one bit.  Visit Marc Dann at DANNLAW.COM.

2. Marc Dann Explains What Homeowners Need to Know About Foreclosure in Ohio… on this 12-Minute Documentary-style Video… When I visited with Marc this past year in his Cleveland offices, I interviewed him on camera in order to produce this 12-minute documentary-style video that features him discussing the foreclosure crisis in Ohio and what homeowners need to know if they find themselves at risk of losing their homes to foreclosure.


3. Keep Up with what matters in Ohio on a NEW Mandelman Matters state specific site: Mandelman News – Ohio… with Attorney Marc Dann.

On Mandelman News- Ohio, you’ll find both Mandelman and Dann together… covering the news that matters to homeowners in Ohio every week.  And just like Mandelman Matters it’s ALWAYS ACCURATE… and occasionally entertaining.

Also, on the new Ohio site, you’ll find links to all of Ohio’s most important state foreclosure related resources… you’ll find the state’s foreclosure laws spelled out so anyone can understand them… the latest court decisions… and much, much more.  Best of all, we’ll be adding information you can trust to the site all the time.

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That Marc Dann is a very smart attorney should go without saying… he was, after all, Ohio’s Attorney General.  But beyond just being smart, he’s about as experienced in the courtroom as one can get, and he absolutely cares about his clients and about justice for all.  Marc is definitely one of the good guys.

He’s a native of Cleveland, Ohio,  a 1984 graduate of the University of Michigan, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in history, and a graduate of  Case Western Reserve University School of Law in 1987. He devoted the initial years of his career to public service, and now is in private practice in Northeast Ohio… defending homeowners and helping them fight the servicers to avoid foreclosure.

Would I hire him to represent me?  You’re damn right I would.  Without any hesitation whatsoever.  Tell him you’re a reader of Mandelman Matters and you’ll immediately have something in common as he reads me all the time.

Marc is the Mandelman Matters Trusted Attorney for the State of Ohio, and that means you can call on him for help and advice whether you hire him or not… he won’t mind one bit.


Mandelman Matters… Getting better all the time.

Mandelman out.

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