Hawaii Homeowner Writes to Thank Mandelman for Helping with Bank of America Loan Modification

ALOHA indexA letter I just received today from Diane and John Bobek, of Waikoloa, Hawaii.

Aloha Martin,

I would like to take a moment to let your readers know how John and I are feel about you and how you helped to save our home. I want to let your readers and others know how genuine, sincere a person you are and how we appreciate what you have done! You are an advocate for the people and so informative.

To this day I can’t believe what happened and I want to shout it to the world and let them know if they are in the position of losing their home and have gone through modifications after modifications to just pick up the the phone and call this wonderful man name Martin Andelman!

If someone were to tell us 3 years ago that there is this person out there who is willing to talk to you and could help you with your modification, and save our home,  it’s “Free,” “no charge,” I would have not believed them!!

We had been behind in our mortgage for several years, my husband had to close one of his business and declare bankruptcy, business had slowed down and we became primary caregivers for my 90 year old mother. Our situation was looking grim and we were about to lose our home. We sought advice from professionals and were told by many to do a short sale, it was better than a foreclosure. I went as far as paying a company to help with our modification which turned out to be a scam.

My husband began to accept the fact that we would have to leave our home, but I would not give up!

An acquaintance gave me your name and I took a chance. I emailed and also left you a message on your phone. I was so impressed that you emailed me back and asked for me to call you right away- that was my first clue that you were a good man!

I was so impressed that you took the time to explain the situation to me and immediately offered your help, our future was looking brighter.

After only several weeks we received our first phone call from a representative from BOA who was assigned to us and she was  the ONLY person we spoke to till we received our modification. You not only saved our home, but we received our modification and our mortgage payments our now affordable, and we got more than we ever expected!!

My husband and I are still pinching ourselves!  We are so thankful, appreciative, grateful  that there are no words to describe how we think about you, if I could reach out to you right now I would give you a kiss and the biggest hug!

Please come out to Hawaii so I could personally meet you, and give back the Aloha that you have given us! I am always letting people know what you have done for us.

With Aloha!

Diane and John Bobek
Waikoloa, Hawaii

# # #

Dear Diane and John…

I can’t thank you enough for writing to me today and saying what you said.  I’m so glad I was able to help you save you Hawaii home, but at the same time, I have to tell you… I also wish you never even had to call me.  I wish this situation wasn’t what it is… and I really want you to know that all I did was listen to your story so I could write it up briefly in an email and send it to Bank of America.  That was it.  It’s was you… the facts of your situation… and Bank of America that did it all from there.

I understand… maybe it wouldn’t have happened otherwise or maybe it would… and I am glad I was able to help.  But just know that all I did was listen to you, like I would any fellow homeowner who was struggling to keep their home, write up an short email and make a call that took less than five minutes.  So, when I do see you in Hawaii… you can thank me, but all that should mean is that you bought me a beer… that would be more than enough.

Not than I am not deeply appreciative that you wrote to me and for every word you said… I am.

So, mahalo nui loa… And I look forward to meeting you in Hawaii soon.


Mandelman out.

# # #

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