Everything You Need to Know About Mortgage Backed Securities with Impac President William Ashmore

Bill Ashmore

William “Bill” Ashmore is the co-founder and President of Impac Mortgage Holdings Inc.  And I have to say that I’m absolutely thrilled to be able to offer my listeners this Mandelman Matters Podcast, because Bill is a true technical expert in the securitization of Residential Mortgage Backed Securities (RMBS”), Collateralized Debt Obligations (“CDOs”), and pretty much anything else you could think of related to mortgages and the mortgage meltdown that began in 2007.

Since co-founding Impac in 1995, Bill has been personally… no, intimately involved in securitizing tens of billions of dollars in mortgages, so as you’d imagine, he knows the difference between a tranche… and a trench.  He knows how the ratings agencies rated bonds AAA that later were downgraded to BBB and below.  He understands what Credit Default Swaps are “swapping,” and all the different types of insurance that many people have come to believe “paid off their loans,” at least once.

Okay, so here’s a unbelievable opportunity to not only learn from a C-Suite securitization professional, but also from one of the two mortgage banking executives that didn’t take a dime of taxpayer money, and protected bondholders and shareholders by going around servicers to modify loans for borrowers when no one else would do the same.  Here a link to my story about Impac Mortgage in case you missed it: IMPAC… Here’s A Story You Haven’t Heard Before.

BUT… let’s get to why we’re here.  It’s Bill Ashmore, President of Impac Mortgage… answering questions about the ins and outs of mortgage backed securities and the meltdown that began in 2007.

And I want you to have a chance to ask Bill questions too, so email me at mandelman@mac.com and in the SUBJECT line type: QUESTION FOR BILL OR JOE, in all caps.  And I’ll ask either or both your question on an upcoming Mandelman Matters Podcast, so you can hear it from the top… and from two of my favorite C-Suite executives in the country.  I think Impac should be the company of choice when considering a mortgage, reverse mortgage, or refinance.


Turn up your speakers and click play, for some of the most valuable insight related to mortgage backed securities, the financial meltdown and foreclosure crisis available anywhere… at any price.


Mandelman out.


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