SCAM PREVENTION PODCAST: What Isn’t Working for Homeowners Facing Foreclosure Today?

Foreclosure defense attorneys Matt Weidner and Tom Cox tell Mandelman what’s working and what’s not for homeowners in foreclosure courts. 

If you’re following someone’s advice in an effort to save your home from foreclosure, how do you know the advice your getting is correct?  If you’re planning to sue your bank in court, how do you know what your chances are based on the type of case you’re planning to bring?  I know the answer to that question… you don’t.

Okay, so I’ve had enough of watching people get ripped off two, three, four times by “helpers” offering advice that they know has never worked for anyone else.  And I’m shocked at the number of people who obviously don’t know very much about the financial or foreclosure crisis throwing around buzz words they can’t even define… and sometimres can’t even pronounce properly.

If you only knew a little bit about dentistry, would you offer to take care of someone’s filling or bridge work?  Of course not.  No one would.

But, for whatever reason, I now see a enormous number of people offering to help homeowners and providing information to homeowners when they have no clue what they are doing.  It’s embarrassing for them, but even more importantly, how are they going to slink away in the night after the person they were helping loses their home to foreclosure?

I get letters every week from homeowners saying that they’ve been following some crazy scheme and now realize how nutty the whole thing was… can I help them?  It’s heartbreaking.

So, now I’m going to do something about it.  Introducing my new SCAM Prevention Podcast.  Join me as I ask the lawyers who are actually in the courts all the time what’s working and what’s not for homeowners facing foreclosure today.

Click to play PART 1 and then to play PART 2…

Part 1 – Featuring 20 minutes with Flroida foreclosure defense attoreney Matt Weidner.  After sever years, Matt knows what’s real and what’s not. and he pulls no punches straightening things out.

Part 2 – The second part of this first program features Maine attorney, Tom Cox.  Tom was a banking lawyer for 30 years who in 2008 set out to help homeowners.  It was his deposition of a GMAC employee that brought robo-signing onto the headlines.



Mandelmnan out.

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