Californiaís Attorney General Offering Free Foreclosure Review to Homeowners


If your home was foreclosed on between Jan. 1, 2009, and Dec. 31, 2010, this may be your chance to be compensated in some way for what happened.

And I’m not saying it’ll be enough, or it’ll be fair… but it will be something. ¬†Look, there’s not enough money on the planet to make right what happened to homeowners in tis country over the last four or five years. ¬†I wrote about it as it happened and I still can’t believe that it did.

So, even though there’s nothing that can make it right, and no amount of money that can truly compensate you for what you lost… maybe just the acknowledgement by the Settlement Monitor and AG’s office that what happened to you should not have happened, will bring some degree of closure to how you feel.

Maybe not, I know. ¬†But maybe it will. ¬†Maybe it will make it easier to talk about… so you can tell others what happened… to know that someone besides you knows and agrees that what happened wasn’t your fault and should not have been allowed to happen.

I really want to urge everyone who went through foreclosure in 2009 and 2010, to speak out now by letting the AG’s office know that you’re out there and that what this country allowed to happen to you and millions of other homeowners like you was terribly wrong, and must never be allowed to happen again.

The foreclosure crisis has been and continues to be largely a silent crisis. ¬†Well, here’s a chance to bring that painful time to an end by letting the AG know just how many are out there that have been unable to speak out until now.

If you do this… she will hear you and I believe carry your voices forward so that others may be spared the injustice you endured.

Mandelman out.

According to the AG’s office…¬†

Depending on your circumstances, you could qualify for a free Independent Foreclosure Review designed to determine whether, as a result of what happened, you should receive financial or other compensation for errors and other problems that were a part of your foreclosure process.


Homeowners have until the end of 2012 to apply, but don’t wait. ¬†Don’t put it off. ¬†Do it now while it’s still fresh on your mind. ¬†By the end of the year you may have completely forgotten about losing your home to a fraudulent foreclosure… LOL. ¬†(Kidding, I’m just kidding.)

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Members of the state’s Settlement Monitoring Committee have chosen an administrator to handle the distribution of the cash payments to foreclosed homeowners. Claim forms will be mailed out sometime this fall, and checks are expected to go out early in 2013.

Homeowners should submit requests for help to the California Attorney General:


Homeowners can also email the California Monitor

for the National Mortgage Settlement at:


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