Special Foreclosure Defense Boot Camp with Max Gardner – October 12-14


Lawyers practicing in the area of foreclosure defense who do not attend this upcoming Foreclosure Defense Boot Camp are simply not thinking clearly.  

I’m serious about that.  Think about it…

1. Condensed into 3 powerful days, so you’re not away for almost a week.

2. It’s Charlotte, North Carolina, a beautiful city, easy to get to – great time of year.

3. Much LESS EXPENSIVE than alternatives – Only $1999 – for learning from unquestionably many of the top legal minds in the foreclosure defense field… and Max himself.  The sort of investment you recoup immediately.

4. Very likely the last one this year, and with Max retiring soon, it may be the last opportunity you have to attend a Max Gardner Foreclosure Defense Boot Camp.  It would be tragic to miss.

5. The interaction with the other attendees, foreclosure defense lawyers from all over the country, looking to share and learn is invaluable and unavailable anywhere else.

6. Coming up in just a few weeks.  Talk about immediate gratification.  Just think how much more valuable a foreclosure defense lawyer you’ll be in a matter of days.

7. Super easy to register online just scroll down and click in Register Now button.



  • The GSE Model and the Non-GSE Model
  • MERS
  • Mechanics of Transfer
  • Finding the Trust & Docs


  • Structure and Who’s Who
  • PSA’s
  • Accounting


  • Article 3/Fannie and Freddie and Uniform Docs
  • Why Mortgage Notes Are Not Negotiable Instruments
  • Article 9
  • Applicability 
  • Elements of Proof and the Right to Enforce

Day Three

  • Putting It Into Play… Discovery and Litigation Techniques 


Margery Golant, Jay Patterson, Richard Shepherd, Kathleen Cully and George Holler will join Max to provide the background, in-depth analysis and insider insights you need to provide the best representation to your clients with regard to mortgage claims.

The three-day event will take place at UNC
Center City in Charlotte, NC
October 12-14, 2012


What else can I say to make my case here?  I’m saying all this for your own good.  I’m going too. How could I not?  Charlotte dressed in fall colors, UNC Law School.

I’m not sure it life gets any better than this.  Hope to see you there.

Mandelman out.

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