VIDEO: Mandelman Interviews Utah Attorney Walter T. Keane


Meet Walter T. Keane, Attorney at Law

Mandelman Matters’ Trusted Attorney in the State of Utah

Walter Keane is a very experienced real estate attorney practicing in Salt Lake City, Utah.  He became somewhat famous last year when he filed for quiet title on behalf of four homeowners… and won all four times.  Of course, since then the Appeals Court has closed that door in Utah, but Walter is already talking about other avenues that I haven’t heard elsewhere.

And that’s why Walter Keane is Mandelman Matters’ Trusted Attorney for the State of Utah.  He’s experienced… creative… caring… and just darn good at his job.  He’s also a pragmatist… meaning he’s practical and above all… he’s honest and very candid with his clients.

I’ve known him for over a year now, and I visited his Salt Lake Offices to shoot the interview that I’ve edited into the 10-minute documentary below.

Click play and get to know Utah attorney Walter Keane.  As a Mandelman Matters Trusted Attorney, you can pick up the phone and call him just to ask questions… he won’t mind a bit… in fact, he wants to help in any way he can.

Whatever you do, be careful out there… and remember what sounds too good to be true… is.

  Mandelman out.

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