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You have found the Mandelman Matters state specific series of pages dedicated to homeowners at risk of foreclosure in Oregon.


On the pages in this section you’ll find accurate, straightforward information and guidance specific to the State of Oregon related to such topics as loan modifications, short sales, foreclosure defense litigation, bankruptcy… and other topics related to getting through the foreclosure crisis.


We’ve created these Oregon specific pages in response to the proliferation of scammers polluting the Internet with misinformation and outright lies intended to sell something to homeowners at risk of foreclosure that they don’t need.  These sites are literally everywhere, and some are very good at appearing credible, when in fact they are nothing more than elaborate cons.


Well, we’ve taken great care to make sure that the information you’ll find here is always correct… always impartial… always based on real facts… and always easy to understand.


In case you’re not already familiar with me, my name is Martin Andelman and for going on four years, I’ve been writing the widely read blog Mandelman Matters.  Over the last three and a half years, I’ve written more than 650 in-depth articles covering the political, economic, social and legal aspects of the financial and foreclosure crises.


I decided that I had to do more to help stop homeowners from getting ripped off, by providing the state specific information homeowners need to make the right decisions for their individual goals and circumstances.  Moving forward on the best possible path… that’s what my state specific pages are all about.


And just so you know, I’ve never been in the mortgage business or the real estate business, but for more than twenty years I’ve been a writer that specializes in making complex subjects easy for people to understand… oh yeah, and people say I’m funny.  I have in-depth experience writing about subjects that fall under the broad headings of accounting, insurance, financial services and law.


You can read a lot more about me HEREHERE, and HERE.

You may want to start by getting to know my trusted attorney for the State of Oregon, Clarke Balcom.


No one pays to be listed as a trusted attorney on Mandelman Matters… that’s just not how it works.  The lawyers I list as trusted… are simply those I trust.  And when I say that, I mean that I would trust these people to represent me, or to watch my house while I went away on vacation for the summer.


In order to write close to 700 articles on the economic situation we’re facing today, I had to learn everything possible about the mortgage and foreclosure crises.  Not only did I read dozens of books, research reports, court decisions, and more… I also had to interview a lot of people and many were attorneys from all over the country.  Over time, some became good friends.  So, when homeowners would call me to ask if I could recommend a lawyer, I would refer them to one that I had gotten to know well, and trusted.


As a Mandelman Matters trusted attorney, Clarke has agreed to take calls from Oregon homeowners who have questions about foreclosures, and help them by providing answers regardless of whether the caller decides to hire his firm or not.  So, if you want to talk with someone who knows foreclosure in Oregon, please don’t hesitate to call him.


For Clarke Balcom Law’s contact information CLICK HERE.

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