The Question of Bankruptcy

Originally posted in February 2010.images-13

What do…

images-14  P.T. Barnum

images-15 H.J. Heinz

images-16 Mark Twain

images-17 Henry Ford

images-18 Debbie Reynolds

images-19 Burt Reynolds

images-20 Kim Basinger

images-21 Walt Disney

images-22 Larry King, and

images-23 Donald Trump

… have in common?

They ALL filed for bankruptcy protection.

That’s really my only point.

There’s no shame in bankruptcy, and it need not ruin your life.  In fact it can be the smartest and most responsible decision you can make, depending on your individual situation, of course.  Don’t let your perceptions of society’s views about bankruptcy hold you back from getting the fresh start the law says you deserve.  If it’s the right thing to do, consult an attorney and do it now.

You don’t have to lose anything in bankruptcy except your debts. You won’t have to wait even close to 10 years before being approved for credit again.  You won’t wear a scarlet letter after you’ve filed. But do it strategically, represented by an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

Of course, that’s just my opinion… this is not an ad for bankruptcy, even though it’s funny that it sort of looks like one… AND I’M NOT AN ATTORNEY.

Having now spoken with several people who have struggled with the question of filing bankruptcy, I’m just trying to offer my two cents in case it might help even one person.

That’s all.





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