Foreclosure Politics Here and Across the Pond – Professor David Coates on a Mandelman Matters Podcast


Since 1999, Professor David Coates has been the Worrell Chair of Anglo-American Studies at Wake Forest University.  Prior to joining the faculty at Wake Forest he directed the International Centre for Labour Studies, and was Professor of Government at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom.  He also writes a blog at, and it’s absolutely a fantastic read in all cases.

I found Professor Coates’ blog last year on my birthday as I was searching the Web for like voices and when I came across his, I felt like I had been given a birthday present.  And I wrote to him at the time and told him exactly that.

David’s latest article, for example, is titled: Republican Truth and the Real Truth: GSEs and the Housing Bubble.

David and I have been communicating over the last year and I invited him to join me on a podcast because he offers points of view that are as fascinating as they are erudite and well-considered.  They are also not the same thing you’ve heard before, as they cover the foreclosure crisis both here in the U.S and in the UK.  He also talks about the global financial crisis and the political ramifications that are manifesting themselves in this country and frankly, what he says is important at every turn.

David has also written two books, both of which you can find on his blog.  One is, “Answering Back,” which offers “liberal responses to conservative arguments,” and the other, “Making the Progressive Case.”  Both are worth reading.

I’ve learned a lot from Professor Coates and I’m confident you will too.  So, turn up your speakers… click below… sit back and relax… and listen to an uninterrupted hour with Professor David Coates as he talks about the foreclosure crisis here and in the UK, why democracy and progressive politics are more important today than perhaps ever before…  and whole lot more… on A Mandelman Matters Podcast.

(Plus… I don’t know about you, but somehow the foreclosure crisis sounds better in a British accent… go figure.)


Mandelman Out.



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