MY DOERS DID IT AGAIN! But it’s not over yet. (And Holly Says Thank You!)



Okay, DOERS… you’ve DONE IT again… but it’s not over yet, so if you’re one of the DOERS that hasn’t DONE anything yet, WE NEED YOU NOW!

I don’t usually do this, but with Holly’s permission, I’ve posted the three emails I received from her today.  I get a lot of very flattering emails from homeowners across the country, and I appreciate them all very much… but I don’t post them because it just seems weird and icky to do so… like, “look at how great I am.”  (Yuck.)

But, I’m posting Holly’s emails today for three reasons:

  1. Because it’s not just about me… it’s about my DOERS too, and you DOERS deserve to feel like I do when I get an email like the ones you’ll read below.  I couldn’t DO it, without YOU.
  2. Because not enough people have sent me an email to say they are a DOER… we NEED MORE… many more. So, I’m hoping by reading what Holly said and seeing the results DOERS get, more of my readers will become DOERS by sending an email to:  And DOERS… I need you to help recruit DOERS too!)
  3. Because not enough DOERS have sent an email to John Stumpf at Wells Fargo as a result of the article I posted on Friday morning, and it’s a little disappointing.  I’m going to try to send everyone an email later to ask them to be the DOER they promised to be, but I assume the reason they haven’t sent their email is because they haven’t read my article yet.

So, if you’re already a DOER, but haven’t subscribed to Mandelman Matters please DO it now: SUBSCRIBE.  That way, you’ll get an email with each new article and if it’s a DOER ALERT, you’ll receive it that day.

I need DOERS to DO BOTH… SUBSCRIBE and send me your email.  The reason is that the SUBSCRIBE tab is through Feedburner, it sends an automatic email with each new article.  The emails you send me I’m putting in a private database of DOERS, so that when I need to tell DOERS about something but I don’t want everyone who reads Mandelman Matters to know… I’ll email everyone from that database.  Get it?  Cool.

So THANK YOU to all of my DOERS that did it… I just LOVE  the way you DO what you DO!  You DO it so well… BUT IT’S NOT OVER YET… It’s close though… you’ll see.



Mr. Andelman,

Thank you again for the great article. I cried through the entire thing. That someone would be so kind and do something for myself and my children to this magnitude is just heartwarming to me.

You know I didn’t mention this to you but it was the first time in 20 years that I did not go home to Erie with my family for Christmas. My children were really upset about it but with the eviction and house being in foreclosure I couldn’t take them there. My entire family was so disappointed because for my mom and dad their daughter and grandchildren weren’t there and for my brother and sister their sister and nieces and nephews were not there either.

Instead, I spent Christmas trying to pack everything up and do as much research as I could to stop the foreclosure from going through. I feel like I let my entire family down. Now though it was worth it because I got to you. I found someone who cared enough to stay up all night writing and trying to help me. It was a Christmas present I never expected. An early birthday gift (tomorrow is my birthday). I found hope.

Tonight an executive from Wells Fargo called me with her boss and Paula in her office. I wrote John Stumpf and the others today after reading your article. I let them have it. I told them I was going to fight til the end.

She said John Stumpf read my e mail and she wanted to talk to me about it. So, by the end of the conversation, she is calling the attorneys office and telling them that they are no longer doing an eviction or an inspection of the property.

They are going to let us live there until they can look into modifying our loan or something else to help make it affordable. She is putting this in writing and over nighting it to me. 

She also said that if they can not find a program that she would be the one contacting me and letting me know that we will be evicted. She said they want to work to see if they can work something out but she of course could not guarantee anything. She kept telling me how sorry she was that we had an eviction hanging over our head at Christmas time.

I also went down to the court house and got some documents and had them notarized. One is confusing to me as it was dated March 10, 2011 that the assignment transferred from Flick mortgage to Wells Fargo on that day. That isn’t true at all. Wells Fargo said it transferred title in 2007.

I am reading your blog and reading comments from your readers. The girl Beth something that called me to night said she is now the only point of contact for me and that she has escalated everything.

I will keep you posted on what happens,

Holly Niemic


Dear Mr. Andelman,

So, because of your article and your DOER’S my children may be able to stay in the only home they have known.

Another thing I didn’t tell  you is my daughter came home from PA where she was in college because she could not concentrate on school when all this was going on. She called me every day crying where are we going to live. Where are Kipper, miller and Sasha going to live (our dogs)?

I told her I don’t know. I’m going to fight to keep our home but other then that I don’t know. I will work ten jobs if I have to to put a roof over your head but she just wanted her home, her room and her life back. she wanted something stable as her parents are separated. She is now on cloud nine and filled with the same hope that I have thanks to you.

I honestly believe that we have won. I know it is all because of you! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I will continue to do everything I need to do and then when my home is our home again without any banks coming after me I will help someone else that needs help. I now know where to go at the court house, I am learning so much that I will pass the knowledge on and I will point them to your blog and try to help them as much as I can.

I will also continue to be one of your DOERS. I will follow you forever.

Thank you so much for helping my children. You can not imagine how in awe I am at you and how much I appreciate everything.

I will keep you posted on what happens,

Holly Niemic


Mr. Andelman,

Yes, You can print anything I ever send you. If it helps just one person then it is so worth it to me.

I just recieved a letter by UPS from Beth Dorsett, Vice President, Office of Executive Complaints. It says that the subject property does not currently have a scheduled eviction date and that she will work with me in order to determine which workout options are available for the loan. 

She will also contact the attorney’s office to advise them of our intent to review the loan for retention options. ( I have been asking them to do this since before the Sheriff sale, but each department said they couldn’t do it and of course never did it).

She also gave me her personal cell phone number last night and her phone number at work which is (800) 853-8516  extension 40586.

I got that letter because of you! You are winning this not just for my children, myself but for everyone facing foreclosure. I have even had more people contact me who are offering advise and telling me not to give up hope.

Now I will never give up hope. You made me believe that there are truly good people out there who think of others and really not only thinks of them but does for them without even knowing them. That is so amazing to me.

All your DOERS, they have been so supportive. Like I said I am one of your DOERS for life now. I will have always lived my life helping others and now others are helping me. it is so touching I’m crying again.

Thank you once again and I will keep you posted on what Wells Fargo is doing.

I don’t know you but God knows I love you! 

Holly Niemic




Mandelman out.

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