FRONT LINE NEWS, A Mandelman Matters Podcast – December 23, 2011


A favorable ruling from Florida’s Supreme Court in the Pino Case… what does it potentially mean to homeowners across the country and the foreclosure mill attorneys hored by the banks to pursue the many thousands of foreclosures that happen each day in this country.  Florida foreclosure defense attorney, Matt Weidner and Lisa Epstein of join me to explain the significance of the decision.


A popular blogger, Marco, from, went over and above the call of duty when, on Occupy Wall Street’s first foreclosure recognition day, he managed to stop a homeowner from being evicted.  Marco joins me from Ohio, so you’ll hear the whole story straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

This is Mandelman Matters, Front Line News… this is the first edition of the podcast I’ll be producing when I’m too lazy to write about it, but think you should hear about it.  Just click the PLAY button below and in just 30 minutes you’ll get the details from the experts that know the significance that lies behind the headlines and the sound bites.

Mandelman out.

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