Mandelman on Arizona’s Channel 12 NBC News… And other news.

So, I just got back from a couple weeks in Arizona filming the foreclosure crisis documentary I’ve been working on over the last year… it’s titled “Irresponsible Borrowers,” and I’ll be releasing the first trailer in the next two weeks. Meanwhile, while I was in Phoenix, I got a call from NBC Channel 12 reporter Melissa Blasius who said she had heard I was in town and wanted to feature what I was doing in one of her stories on the housing crisis.

Melissa deserves a lot of credit for being one of the only mainstream media reporters who has consistently covered the foreclosure crisis and she’s also helped a number of people by bringing media attention to their plight dealing with their servicers. If you’re in Arizona and struggling with your servicer to get your loan modified, I would recommend telling your story to Melissa. It certainly couldn’t hurt and it very well might help.

While in Arizona I met with and filmed numerous homeowners and other experts on the crisis for inclusion in the documentary and it was both very moving and very educational. I also had the opportunity to meet with Neil Garfield of the blog, Living Lies, which I have to say, I enjoyed very much. We spent hours talking and he was very gracious in taking me out to a lovely dinner so I have a much better grasp on who Neil is and what he’s been doing around the country.

Also, BIG NEWS is coming soon… Abigail Field and I have officially teamed up with Marc Dann, Ohio’s former Attorney General and have formed a PAC. We’ve decided that reporting on the crisis is not enough and we’re going to get out in front with real solutions.

So… I’m back at my desk and there’ll be lots more coming… meanwhile… here’s me… Mandelman on Channel 12 NBC News in Phoenix.

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