SIGN THIS! Petition Will Go to Geithner, Bair, Bernanke, and Walsh!

Servicer abuse?  I’m the poster child for hating servicer abuse!  So, why am I always the last to know about these things?  Geeze… what am I… chopped liver over here?   Oh well, it just came out this morning on Naked Capitalism, so I guess I caught it in time…

So, how about doing me a favor and showing everyone that Mandelman Matters readers… well… matter… by not only signing this yourself, because I know you want to stop Servicer scams and abuses as much as anyone in the country… but also could you put in the extra effort and forward it to everyone you know that will also want to sign it?  PLEASE?  Post it on your Facebook page, LinkedIn page… Tweet it and re-Tweet it!  Anything you can think of, but do it now!  Some petitions have already been delivered.

Yves Smith on Naked Capitalism says: “This is meaningful action that every citizen can take.” And I want to believe her.  Well, I definitely believe that you’re not helping by not signing it, let me at least say that.

If you read me regularly then I don’t have to tell you that mortgage servicers are out of control.  They lie constantly, they foreclose on homes they shouldn’t… they even break into homes they don’t even own… did I already mention how much they lie?

Come on… we need you to be involved and we need all the signatures we can get… plus you’ll make me look good! (Kidding, I’m just kidding.)

Make your voice heard… there’s even a comment section on the petition… this is your chance to tell Geithner, Bair, Bernanke and Walsh (who is acting Comptroller of the Currency), what you think of what’s been allowed to go on… for far too long.

I’m serious about this… there are no magic bullets, but there are also no journeys that don’t begin with a first step!  So, please SIGN IT NOW!  There is literally no time to spare if you want to be heard.



Mandelman out.

P.S. Here’s a link to Naked Capitalism’s Yves Smith’s letter that accompanied 12,000 signed petitions:

“Citizens call for tough regulation of residential mortgage servicers”


Still not sure, here’s Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, attending a Senate Hearing on the foreclosure crisis…

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