The Real Estate Guys Radio Show, Mandelman Take 2!

It’s Mandelman on The Real Estate Guys Radio Show… Again!

Yes, it’s true!  The Real Estate Guys must have liked what I said last time I was a guest on their show, because they invited me to come on again.  Who would have ever thunk it?  They even called me a “mortgage industry pundit,” which is cool because although I know very little about the mortgage industry… I’ve always wanted to be a “pundit”.

I talked about… can you guess… right! The foreclosure crisis and loan modifications… and the economy… and some recent court decisions… a regular fountain of knowledge, I was. I haven’t listened to it, but I figured some of you… especially my ADD crowd… would enjoy a break from my long articles, so I’m posting it hot off the presses, in a radio sort of way.

I will say this… I do really like these guys.  Smart, funny, and they laugh at my jokes… what’s not to love?  Okay, click the play button and get ready for Mandelman on The Real Estate Guys!  AND DON’T WORRY IF IT SKIPS A LITTLE IN THE VERY BEGINNING… IT’LL SMOOTH ITSELF OUT.

Starring: Your larger than life host, Robert Helms. Your Co-host and sand pit groomer, Russell Gray. The Godfather of Real Estate, Bob Helms.

And, Special Guest, Mortgage Industry Pundit, Martin Andelman!

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