WANTED: One Lawyer Scamming Homeowners

I got a call today from a newspaper reporter.  He was searching the Internet looking for stories on lawyers and loan modifications and found several stories I had written, so he gave me a call.

He said he realized that I had defended the idea that lawyers should be helping people at risk of losing their homes, but he was looking for something else… and he figured maybe I could help.

It seems that his editor had given him specific instructions.  He was told to go out and find a story about a lawyer scamming a homeowner… that’s what the paper wanted to publish and he was to go out and find one.

Did I know one?  It would sure save some time.

Gee, I thought.  I didn’t know anyone off hand, but I’d see what I could do.

After all… It’s All the News That Fits, We Print.

Right?  Right.

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