ANNOUNCING WEBINAR: Law Firms & Loan Modifications – November 20th, 10:00 AM PST


Greatly Reduce or Even Eliminate Client Complaints,

Increase Firm Effectiveness, Improve Morale

& Increase Profitability.

If you’re helping homeowners with loan modifications, this shouldn’t be missed under any circumstances.  It’s shouldn’t be considered optional, and I’m only doing it live once.  It’s literally mission critical… crucial to your firm’s survival, because I’ll provide both the insight and proven tools you need to transform your firm immediately.

After a year spent researching and writing over 200 articles on the foreclosure crisis, and on how firms help homeowners avoid foreclosure and negotiate loan modifications, I think it’s pretty safe to say that I’ve come to understand the situation like no one else in the country.

Attendees will receive the methodologies and tools that I’ve developed to reinvent the way firms helping today’s homeowners think and operate, so that they can:

  • Change your perspective on your firm’s mission.
  • Greatly reduce client complaints, the #1 threat to a firm’s survival.
  • Significantly improve efficiency & profitability NOW.
  • Dramatically increase referrals & improve workplace morale.

Attorneys and firm managers attending this Mandelman Matters Webinar will learn why ALL law firms that offer to assist clients with loan modifications were set up wrong from day one, and how these firms must change if they are to survive in the future, continuing to serve homeowners facing the worst and ongoing economic collapse since The Great Depression.

Ask yourself the following question:

Do you view your firm’s mission as trying to help homeowners avoid foreclosure through loan modifications and other arrangements?

If so, this Webinar will explain why that view is entirely inadequate and can only lead to serious problems.  It’s time… long since time… to take a fresh look at how your firm operates, and that’s exactly what this Webinar is all about.

The Mandelman Matters Webinar will not only provide you with an entirely new way of thinking about your firm’s practices, but you’ll also receive the step-by-step instructions, client communications campaigns, and support staff training tools that you’ll need to begin transforming your firm immediately.

It’s really not optional… it’s a matter of survival for all firms operating in this space today.  And the fact is, it will unquestionably stop some of the lawyers who are trying to help homeowners from being disbarred, or worse.  And after interviewing over 2,000 homeowners at risk of foreclosure, studying roughly 900 written complaints written by homeowners, and becoming intimately familiar with the practices of more than 300 attorneys across the country, I’m not guessing… I’m dead on certain.

I’ve decided to offer the information and tools I’ve developed through the Webinar, because I simply want attorneys and others who are dedicated to helping homeowners to start doing it better as soon as possible, and since I can’t physically be in that many places at once, the Webinar seemed like the only answer.

If you’re not already familiar with what I’ve written on Mandelman Matters or in The Niche Report magazine, you’re making a mistake.  Period.  And if you’re an attorney or other expert and you’re running a firm that offers to assist homeowners and you don’t attend my upcoming Webinar, you’re literally playing with fire.


TIME: 10:00 AM PST

COST: $195



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